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My car was running hot, got in right away. Justin Young looked at everything, did an oil change (it was due) and got my car back in no time.

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I travel 10-12 thousand miles per month and it is imperative that I get my oil changed on schedule. I usually do this at my home dealership in Cincinnati. However, since it came due after making a delivery in Cheyenne, Wy, I took my GMC Cargo Van to Hallada... Read More

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I was workigng so my girlfriend purchased new tires and had alignment done there less than a year ago. I didn't buy the "cheap" tires either! I'm replacing them ALREADY. Why? Was told that they couldn't do anything for me. So I went to Peerless and pur... Read More

Response from: Drew (Shop Contact) on 08/19/12

I cannot determine who this customer is, but by the sounds of the complaint, they did not contact myself or our General Manager for resolution. Also, seems the issue with us was about a year ago. If I knew who it was, I could pull the alignment sheet fro