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Nearly 40 percent of Americans say they do not have a reliable auto technician or repair facility they trust. Almost all of us have felt this way at one time, and far too many have had a negative car repair experience:

My wife took her car to a repair facility scheduled maintenance. A few hours later, the mechanic called with the news that she had a “rodent problem,” and that a rat had apparently eaten through a wiring harness. Replacement cost was quoted at $3,600.

My wife called me to relay the assessment. Since we have never seen evidence of a rat in our garage or near our house, I went to a local service provider to take a look. The mechanic showed me where the insulation around the main wiring harness had been broken through, and said I needed to replace entire harness. According to him, anything less would be a fire hazard, and at a minimum, wires would disconnect and the car would stop with no notice.

Skeptical of both diagnosis and prescription, I took the car to a repair shop recommended by a friend. The mechanic there told me the damage could have been caused by a rodent, but it was impossible to be sure of the cause. He gave me a range of repair options:

  • repair with electrical tape—$20
  • replace insulation (since wiring was undamaged)—$200
  • new wiring harness—$2,000
  • My $3,600 repair became a $200 replacement of insulation. Even replacement of the harness would have been $1,600 less at the referred facility.

    —Gary Mull, CarHelp

    We’ve heard and lived the stories, and it’s why we founded CarHelp—to connect car drivers like you with ethical, skilled automotive professionals who offer fair pricing and stand behind their work. Founded in 2009, CarHelp was initially launched to the Portland market and captured the top 10% of the local market. In February 2011, CarHelp was purchased by a new team with deep roots in both the automotive and online services background. The team is excited about the new vision and roadmap to bring incredible value to both consumers and our member service providers.

    Commitments to our customers.

    Customers are treated with honesty and respect

    • Provide a clean and customer friendly reception area.
    • Communicate the difference between recommended and required services.
    • Written repair estimates.
    • Work is begun only when authorized.
    • Detailed invoice itemizing work completed and opportunity to inspect replaced parts.
    • Work to resolve any disputes through CarHelp if necessary.

    Best practices for automobile service and repair

    • 12 month or 12,000 mile parts and labor warranty on all repairs.
    • Ongoing training and certification for mechanics to follow best repair practices as outlined by manufacturers and training authorities.
    • High quality parts used in all repairs.
    • Comply with all state and federal certification requirements.

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    To locate a CarHelp repair service near you:

    800-CAR-HELP (800.227.4357)

    If you are a service provider and are interested in becoming a CarHelp member, please visit our business signup page.

    Corporate Office:

    8105 Irvine Center Drive, Suite 900
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